DGI is a specialist in RADAR imagery treatment


Environmental studies

  • Inventories for environmental studies
  • Inventories of the human activities (urbanization, deforestation, etc.)

Digital satellite imagery processing

  • Orthorectification et georeferencement
  • Enhancement to improve quality of image (value-added products)
  • Visible satellite images
  • Radar images
  • Low and high image resolution
  • Image interpretation, analysis and classification to produce a thematic maps
  • development of innovative solutions with RADAR data
  • Thematic mapping
  • Data analysis
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Updating of Vectorial layers
  • Vectorial data conversion
  • Matrix data conversion
  • Production of MNT 3D and slope maps
  • Production of reports


  • Database design and modelling
  • Database maintainance

Field work & GPS surveys

  • Field survey (infrastructure, roads, etc..)
  • Taxonomic surveys(forest, botany, etc.)


  • Land inventory mapping
  • Thematic mapping
  • Rapid response mapping
  • Webmapping

Turnkey Projects

  • In collaboration with the customer: needs analysis, planning of required resources in géo-localization and cost estimate
  • Field work and data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Writing reports (maps, analyses, recommendations)
  • Presentation of the results

Research and Development

  • Planning and implementation of R & D projects
  • Graphic design for mapping, as well as data modelling and structuring
  • Satellite image processing and analysis
  • Innovative treatment of digital images

Satellite images

Working with a variety of suppliers, DROMADAIRE can provide you with any type of satellite image (visible, medium and high-resolution, radar, etc.) with or without added treatment.

Strategic advice and recommendations

DROMADAIRE can provide strategic advice and recommendations at all stages of a project: from planning and needs assessment to project implementation.

Technology transfers

DROMADAIRE can provide training to companies wishing to set up geomatics teams.