StephaneStéphane Hardy, Geographer, M.Sc., DGI – Project Leader

Stéphane Hardy is a geographer. He received a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing (SAR) from Université de Montréal in 1993. Throughout his career, he has participated in many projects related to the environment, such as determining snow water equivalent from radar images; identifying sedimentation at the mouths of two rivers from Landsat images; and detecting wetlands with an eye to sustainability from high-resolution polarimetric radar images. As a radar specialist, as well as a project manager, Stéphane Hardy has also been involved in several R&D projects, including managing water resources and identifying the savannah and available water points in a cross-border context (Burkina-Faso/Ghana), using RS2 images and onsite investigations; developing innovative techniques for identifying multiple targets using time series from RS2 images; characterizing the vegetation cover and monitoring the ecological integrity of several national parks in northern Canada, including loss of wetlands and sustainability in a wetland environment, using time series from RS2 images.